And Then There Was Silence

About fifteen years ago, my father and I went to our family property to cut down a tree for the Christmas holiday. There were adventures along the way that required us to lug that tree out with some toil, but we got it in the end. As memorable as that adventure was, the thing thatContinue reading “And Then There Was Silence”


It is difficult to keep up on a blog during the holidays. But I had this cross my mind several times so I thought I would share it.  When an individual is in recovery they will often hear of the terms “slip” or “relapse.” I don’t think it necessary to delve deeply into the meaningContinue reading “S.L.I.P.”

Catching the Vision

This picture popped up on my feed from three years ago. It is from a project we did in rehab called a Vision Board. For those of you that are unfamiliar with what a Vision Board consists of, it is a collection of clippings from magazines that you glue onto a poster board. There areContinue reading “Catching the Vision”

The Keys to Understanding

This last week I decided to read through my journal that I had written while I was in treatment. The notes from three years ago (almost to the day) are still applicable and worth sharing; they certainly shed some light on the difficult time I was going through. It was the holidays and the AndyContinue reading “The Keys to Understanding”