Safe Waters

“A lot has happened since my last blog post. As a family, we have had a marvelous trip to the big Island of Hawaii, welcomed our new baby boy (NICU for 2 weeks) into the world, had my grandmother’s funeral, have staved off COVID-19 with everyone at home, plus a 5.7 earthquake to add to the frenzy. Plenty of listed reasons above that the mind of the addict would justify a relapse. At this point in my life, those are reasons not to change my status of sobriety.”

I had written the above paragraph some time ago….and then everything else happened.

To those that read this, you know what I am alluding to: COVID-19, “peaceful” protests, riots, looting, face masks, a severe lack of toilet paper, political finger pointing and overall upheaval; what did I miss?

This aforementioned ordeals have hit the collective human race pretty hard.

I am just here to check-in and let you know that there is more to come from this blog (be it popular or not).

Wishing you well and to swim in safe waters.

Be Good.

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