A Snippet of Soberstanding’s Purpose

The term “Soberstanding” came to me in the wake of my first round to get sober. Being sober for the first time in years helped me to gain an understanding of addiction. Hence, sober +understanding = Soberstanding. The meaning is also a way of saying to stand for your own sobriety.

Though I am not a licensed addiction recovery coach, mentor or counselor, I certainly have some credentials via personal experience. I am less of the college book educated and more of the person who has had a career of field experience. My model for recovery is a bastardized version of several programs. My program is not your program, and vice-versa , and that is OK. Find what works for you and stick with it for the long run.

This blog may not be pretty or flattering to the eyes, it may fail to captivate everyone. In fact, it may look cheap, bland, tasteless, and created by a fashion minimalist. That’s not the point of the blog. The beauty is in what is written and not charmed with elaborate graphics. Remember, you can’t please everyone. If you spend your life trying to please others you will find hollowness and a shattered confidence at the end of your day.

This blog is a culmination of eight years of active addiction followed by three years of sobriety. It is a journey. It carries the characteristics of intimate and personal depth, but it is not to be withheld and kept secret. That aspect is a tad fearful for me, but I would be remiss to keep a lid over light.

I tend to not fit the molds, contours, conventional pressures or expectations of those around me; I am a bit against the grain and that is how I am wired. I don’t implore others to be fake and I certainly don’t self-employ that behavior. I have always asked “why?” and find myself to best be described as a pensive introvert.

Ultimately, this is a place for real world, shoot straight from the hip stories and how they have molded my person; the benefit is that others may find hope from reading, even if it is only in shards.

A few key takeaways that sets this blog apart from the rest:

  • There is hope for every situation. Experiences will be elaborated with the tools I have been given through various programs, books and good people.
  • Some posts will have answers and guides, while others will be left open ended and ready for the readers interpretation.
  • This is meant to be cathartic for me and you. If it’s not your cup of tea, grab some sugar on the way out and move on.
  • We have good days and bad days, we lose and we win. This blog is a journal of my experiences and it will cover everything from triumphs to the hell I put others through.
  • I want others to re-ignite their passions. Find what makes you happy and eliminate the things that won’t.
  • Glean inspiration from what is shared and use it in your recovery and rehabilitation.

In sum, enjoy and fall in love with life again!

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